Mao Hui: Stay True to the Original Self and Fight for Dreams with Youth and Aspirations

                                            Mao Hui is now a postgraduate student in International Relations Major, Peking University, School of International Studies. As a CPC member and a 2013 undergraduate majoring in accounting at the C.W. Chu College (Dongwu Business School) of Soochow University, Mao Hui serves as the Secretary of Communist Youth League in her class. Benefited from her optimism, diligence and the courage to innovate, she was honored as an Excellent Member of the Communist Youth League of Jiangsu Province in 2015, an Excellent Youth of Suzhou City and a Model Student of Soochow University, and with the May Fourth Award for Youngsters of Soochow University. Staring into the starry sky, she often thinks of local and national affairs, and determines to show the competences and attitudes of contemporary youngsters of China in international arenas. Back to the Surrounding situations, she is diligent in exploring and combining the knowledge in different disciplines, and promoting herself by attending different competitions in different lands, and conquering different challenges with painstaking efforts. During the past four years at Soochow University, she always sticks to her original dreams, and stays true to the original self. As the curtain of the undergraduate life slowly falls down, she is ready to fight for new challenges in new life stage with the cautious attitude!


                                            Exploring the Essence of Different Disciplines with Earnest and Diligence 

                                            With the belief that only by arming themselves with knowledge and necessary skills, could the contemporary Chinese youth lay a solid foundation for their futures, Mao made great efforts in learning different expertise, passing various professional tests and attending all kinds of competitions. Before the second year in the university, she has already passed the National Computer Rank Examination (Level II), and the College English Test Band 4 with a score of 685, the highest grade ever in the exam at Soochow University. Besides, she has also earned many useful certificates at that time, including the Certificate of Accounting Professional, the Cambridge Business English Certificate Higher, and the Shanghai Advanced-level English Interpretation Post Credentials Certificate. Meanwhile, she has also won many scholarships issued by different institutes. On behalf of Soochow University, she attended the "FLTRP Cup" English Public Speaking Contest and English Writing Contest, and won the first prize in Jiangsu Province. Consequently, she was selected as the representative of the province, to compete with other graduate students majoring in English in this top English contest for Chinese students. Finally, she won as the one of the only three contestants nationwide who earned two second prizes in both contests.  


                                            After nearly five months' preparation, Mao and the team of Soochow University, overcame all the difficulties in the way and became a competitive contestant in the national final of Model APEC co-directed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Central Committee of the Communist Young League. On the days before the final, she always stayed up with other teammates to discuss, revise and rehearsal the agenda regarding the very competition. In the four-hours' English debating section, she expressed her arguments clearly, and promoted those representatives from different places to reach consensus, showing the elegant demeanors of a young diplomate of an emerging economy by guarding the national interest unswervingly with her utmost efforts. Serving as the keynote speaker from the team of Soochow University during the business challenge section, she introduced the business plan of the team without notes, and answered all the challenging questions raised by those entrepreneurs and judges with an unruffled attitude. Under such pressures, she proved the excellence of a student of Soochow University, and won the national championship after beating ten thousand of peer contestants from over 60 universities and colleges. Besides, she also made the team of Soochow University one of the top five teams in the business challenge section, and was offered the opportunity to attend the real APEC summit held in the Philippines. The elegance and liberality on the stage of Model APEC well explains all the painstaking efforts she made behind the curtain.



                                            A Bright Star in the Night Sky: Behaving Elegantly with Higher Aims in International Arenas

                                            Supported by the scholarship project set by Jiangsu Provincial government, Mao, as a freshman of Soochow University, started her study at the Harvard University, where she learned the system regarding liberal studies. Back at Soochow University, she shared her reflections and insights with peer classmates, and proposed her own ideas on the further development of the C.W. Chu College. On the third year at the university, she was selected as one of three representatives from China to participate the "World School" Youth Forum held in Italy, where she has communicated with the youngsters from over 20 countries for half a month. In front of the exhibition booth, she publicized the traditional culture of China by introducing those eye-catching Suzhou embroideries and folding fans she brought. In the talent competition held afterwards, she organized a fan dance in cheongsam by utilizing the characteristics of folk dances, which earned the praises of the youngsters from different countries. During the section of Mock Trial, she debated fiercely with those native English speakers, and won the lawsuit by guarding her arguments with passionate explanations and reasonable solutions. The elegant behaviors and convincing arguments of Mao not only manifest the appropriate attitudes of contemporary youth in China, but explains her utmost efforts and the deep considerations towards the affairs at home and abroad.


                                            As one of the youth delegate of China, Mao attended the APEC summit held in the Philippines in November 2015 with President Xi Jinping. Her experiences there were reported by many media, including the People's Daily Overseas Edition, Xinhuanet and People's Daily Online. During the summit, Mao met Jejomar Binay, the Vice President of the Philippines, watched the speeches of and conversations among famous entrepreneurs and leaders in the world, and join in the face-to-face communication with the presidents of PWC and AirAsia. Back to the university, Mao claimed emotionally in her report, "Listening to President Xi's keynot speeches, I can feel the determination and demeanors of a great nation from his wise and perceptive remarks. We youngsters should be far-sighted and always concerned about the affairs regarding the development of the nation and the world. By manifesting proper attitudes in international arenas, we should contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation." Mao proved the spirits and manners of contemporary youth in China with her words and actions, and promoted her talents and developments in these international events.



                                            A Kind Volunteer: Balancing Talent with Morality

                                            Adhering to the school motto of "Unto a Full-Grown Man", Mao continued to cultivate her specialities and interests during the college days. She served as the host of the graduation party of Dongwu Business School, and won a golden prize for college students in the first Campus Dancing Competition of Suzhou, as a performer of the group dance "Nanjing ยท Light". Being a classics enthusiast, she enjoyed the process of communicating with the wise in books. Meanwhile, she also like to better her temperament in those picturesque sceneries by attending outdoor activities.


                                            Following the college motto of "Preparing talents for the country, and helping others as if help oneself", Mao is always ready to be a volunteer in different events and activities. She served as a volunteered interpreter in the EU-China International Literary Festival, and moderated several reading meetings themed the works of European and American writers. As a member of the organizing team of TEDx Suzhou and a volunteered propagator of the public cultural undertakings, Mao has hosted and organized many salons and lectures open to the general public. As a volunteered teacher in the primary school of Xinyi Village specially set for the children of rural migrant workers at the suburb of Suzhou, she is responsible to teach them singing and piano-playing. Her excellent performances in the International Folk Music Festival won her the honor of "An Excellent Volunteer". In addition, the sense of justice and responsibility also urged her to help a stroked passenger on a bus. By recording the site with camera and all the necessary information required by the hospital, her calmness and kindness was reported by Suzhou TV station. Mao always bears a warm attitude when getting along with people, and her warmth and kind considerations often delight all the peers around.


                                            In terms of her own motto, Mao prefers the four ontological goals for intellectuals set by Zhang Zai, a Chinese philosopher in the Norther Song Dynasty, namely, "to build up the manifestations of Heaven and Earth's spirit, to build up good life for the populace, to develop past sages' endangered scholarships, and to open up eternal peace." With great aspirations and deep concerns towards the affairs at home and abroad, Mao always sets strict demands on herself. By staying true to the original self and making progresses with great diligence and efforts, Mao is now marching onto bigger stages steadily, bearing the objectives of contributing to the development of the community and the country.



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